Double The Murders, Half The Convictions

Monday 27th, September 2010 / 08:37 Published by

In the past five years the murder count has more than doubled in the Bahamas, with the current record standing at 87 murders for 2009.

The murder count for 2010 so far is already at 70 and if the pace continues it will be another shamefully record-breaking year.

Since 2008 there have been 231 murders with more than 100 remaining unsolved, according to Superintendent B. K. Bonamy, head of the Central Detective Unit’s homicide division.

Police say that this year 52 of the 70 murders but the conviction rate is disappointing and members of the general public have questioned whether the police are really doing their jobs.

Homicide detectives reportedly continue to review cold cases, particularly within the last three years and are attempting to improve their conviction rate though they say that they have no control over the courts.

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