Grand Bahamian Arrested For Selling Undersize Crawfish

Tuesday 07th, September 2010 / 15:32 Published by

A Grand Bahama man was arrested in the Garden Villas area yesterday after being found in possession of 34 undersized crawfish.

According to reports, around 11:15 Sunday morning a man appeared to be selling seafood from three large coolers in the back of his truck on Weddell Avenue.

While patrolling the area, police officers questioned the man who told them that he was trying to sell some fish.

Upon further inquires police discovered the undersized crawfish in one of the coolers on the back of his truck. As a result, the man was cautioned, arrested and taken into police custody for breech of the Fisheries Act.

He is expected to appear in court to answer to the charges sometime this week.

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