Justice Denied: Travolta Case Dismissed

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In a move that reflects poorly on the justice system in The Bahamas, John Travolta has given up trying to obtain justice in the extortion case he was a victim of in the island nation.

Mr Travolta was denied justice last year after members of the Bahamian legal industry allegedly skewered the extortion trial by setting up a situation that would require the hapless Judge to call a mistrial.

Justice Anita Allen declared a mistrial after PLP MP  Picewell Forbes appeared to have announced the results of the jury’s decision… before the jury had concluded deliberation.

Mr Travolta then tried, unsuccessfully, to have the trial moved to the United States.

Locals believe the mistrial situation was “set up” by concerned members of the government and legal fraternity to avoid having a high-ranking member of the Bahamas government go to jail for such a despicable act.  Such an event would have further tarnished the reputation of a government already viewed by the international legal community as less than ethical.

Senator Pleasant Bridgewater was charged, along with ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne, with attempting to extort millions of dollars from Mr Travolta. The duo threatened to release, what turned out to be, insignificant documents related to the death of Travolta’s son Jett at the family vacation home in Grand Bahama in 2009.

Bridgewater was a sitting Senator when she committed the alleged crime.

“Having a sitting Senator convicted of such a serious crime would have caused an international PR crisis for the Bahamas.  It would also have lent credence to the growing perception that the Bahamas government is mired in corruption,” said one Bahamian attorney who refused to be identified because he would be “blacklisted” by members of  the legal profession in Nassau.

Bahamas officials still have the option to file the case again … but it is highly unlikely they will do so.  Thus, once again, a victim of crime is denied justice in The Bahamas.

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13 Comments on “Justice Denied: Travolta Case Dismissed

  • Why are you all so surprised? SMT!!!

    The Bahamas has alot of problems to solve, but they think that their main and only problem is immigrants!

  • This really sucks and will continue to give the Bahamas a bad name. I am so disappointed in the operation of this country, always seem to be involved in some kind of crooked business. These individuals should have been put in jail for their crime and embarassment caused to the Bahamas as a country.

    Why are Bahamians so corrupt?

  • Sadly, the Travoltas initially trusted us and it took them a long time to realise that our legal system is so badly broken. Otherwise, they could have given up sooner, thereby saving themselves a lot of “emotional distress” – just as we Bahamians often do.

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  • Nigel Gray Williamstown Exuma

    Plain and simple. Bridgewater & Co was guilty as sin. Why would the Travolta’s lie? They wouldn’t. We all know our politicians are greedy sods and these two take the “johnny cake”. Yes they do! They should be expelled from the PLP party. Stinking rottin’ trash she is! I say sack em! Sack em now! Bridgewater has shamed herself, her country and the PLP! Kick her BLACK… out! Do it now Perry & Brave! We don’t need her kind! Lock her up! Google search corruption… and get a photo of the old ooogly face of Bridgewater. praising God for delivering her from the arms of justice… that woman can talk eh? Get out the cutlass! That was good enough for my pappy and his lot. A little more cutlass around here and maybe we could stop some of this unrest in the community. Lets start with Bridgewater… bring on the cutlass. I would be the first to give her a good cut—.

  • I am so disappointed in my country over this! For once I thought we would see the justice system work. Stupid me. Yeah, I know Travolta dropped the charges but come on, if this case had been properly, ethically handled he wouldn’t have had to come to that point where he just gave up. Seriously, I believe he really did believe he wasn’t going t get any justice anyway so why drag it out. Cartwright is spot on, this does the country more damage than if Bridgewater had been convicted. And now it’s rumoured she’s going to run again. I ask my fellow Bahamians – are we THAT stupid? I fear the answer.

  • Forbes should be jailed for causing the mistrial which resulted in this unfortunate dismissal. How can the PLP back this woman?!

  • Well wasn’t it a criminal trial so couldn’t the government proceed on the charges without Mr. Travolta? And he only wanted the case dismissed because it was taking so long and causing too much stress. Most probably he was warned that he won’t win the case anyway because the Bahamas gov. will never send a sitting senator or any politician to jail.

  • It should be noted that it was Mr Travolta, not the Bahamas government, who wanted the case dismissed. The Travoltas wanted to put this all behind them.

  • Bahamas should be shamed that it took so long to convict that Mr Travolta decide not to continue. This dismissal not good for the country.

  • But Travolta dropped the charges, he didn’t want to continue the case. No denying that Pleasant Bridgewater and Tarino Lightbourn are slimy good-for-nothing crooks that shame the nation but Travolta chose to let it go because he doesn’t want to deal with it anymore so, yes the courts here are corrupt but should this one be blamed on them?

  • So wrong!

    I disagree with the Bahamian attorney who said that having a sitting Senator convicted would have “lent credence to the growing perception that the Bahamas government is mired in corruption”.

    Just the opposite!

    It would have shown the world that the Bahamas is not a seedy little nation that protects the well connected no matter what they do or how corrupt they are.

    It would have shown some hope that the Bahamian court system works and is not partial.

    It would have helped to dash the growing perception that the Bahamas government is mired in corruption (WHICH IT IS) because it would have shown that we do not tolerate corruption even from people in power.

    But no.

    ONCE AGAIN a blatantly corrupt politician escapes the law.

    Justice can not be found in these banana courts. The Bahamas government and the Bahamian courts are MIRED IN CORRUPTION. The growing perception is correct and will continue to grow because of this dismissal.


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