Merger To Improve Bahamas Communications

Wednesday 22nd, September 2010 / 08:59 Published by

The communications industry in the Bahamas is expected to receive a technological thrust forward with the merging of two communications entities – Cable Bahamas and IndiGo Networks – in addition to the long awaited and inevitable privatisation of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC).

Paul Hutton-Ashkenny, President of Systems Resource Group (SRG), the parent company for IndiGo Networks, said the Bahamas has been fallen behind other Caribbean nations in terms of communications technology due to the sluggish BTC privatisation. This new activity is expected to liberalise the industry and give the Bahamas a major boost.

The merger between Cable Bahamas and SRG will allow fixed-line voice technology to be combined with Cable Bahamas’ fibre optic infrastructure, making the new entity a viable competitor in the residential market. In addition the merger would allow Cable Bahamas’ to expand services into the Family Islands.

Mr Hutton-Ashkenny said, “Cable Bahamas has infrastructure, we have voice technology.”


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