Police Officers Being Investigated For Extortion

Thursday 02nd, September 2010 / 09:15 Published by

Two Bahamas police officers are being investigated after a woman reported that she had been extorted in a routine traffic stop.

In an uncredited article in The Tribune newspaper, it was reported that Assistant Commissioner of Police Hulan Hanna confirmed that two officers were under investigation.

Details of the investigation were unavailable.

The Tribune, using unnamed sources, reported that a woman was driving on Old Trail Road when she was stopped and searched by two police officers.

After arresting her and confiscating her computer, the police officers allegedly told the owman that they would release her for $200.

She paid the officers and was released.

This incident comes on the heels of another report on the WeblogBahamas website involving two police officers who shook down two teenagers last weekend after a routine traffic stop.

The cops informed the two boys that they could lock them up for the weekend but if they gave each officer $100 they would let them go.

It is not clear from either report if the incidents are connected or if they involve the same two officers.


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