Praying For Traffic Lights

Wednesday 15th, September 2010 / 09:58 Published by

I recently learned first hand the reason for the reference to “The Misery of Public Works”.

For the first eight months of 2010 the traffic lights at Village Road and Shirley Street have been off more than they have been on. About two weeks ago I decided to call the Ministry of Public Works. Someone did answer the phone and I asked for the traffic light division. The gentleman who answered the phone said that he was frustrated with that intersection also because he lives in the East, but he did not have the authority to do anything about it, that I would have to speak to his supervisor who had not yet arrived – it was only 9:30 am.

When I finally got her on the phone she informed me that she did not have the authority either and transferred me to another department. The secretary there said that department was not responsible and referred me to another department. (stay with me it gets better).


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  • I too do harbour frustration about the quality of services offered by our so called Governmental Ministry Departments. Honestly the quality of many are lacking in sooo many ways as some services rendered seems antiquated and needs overhauling. Reminds me of the song K.B. sings about the CIVIL SERVICE in relation to service quality levels and people’s attitudes in most of these offices. What’s worse is they are servants for the people of whom pay their salaries.

    This comment is directed at The Bahamas Electricity Corporation or “BEC” as it is affectionally referred. When it isn’t the electricity going off almost 2 – 3 times a day, we are fearful of damage appliances or electronics in the home which is cause for concern for the average citizen living in Stapledon Gardens near JFK. I do not need or want to replace equipment in my home prematurely due to old problems that should have been solved many years ago, solve the problems once and for all and for GOD sake… STOP SWITCHING OFF and ON THE POWER!!

    Here is my contribution…

    I have called BEC on at least 8 occasions over a 2 year period concerning a street lamp that has been blown in front of my building but to no avail, my reports apparently fell on deaf ears as nothing has been done yet. I have observed that simply changing the light bulb in the fixture is all that may be required and the lack of any action in this situation is not only ludicris but unacceptable. Even while reporting the matter via telephone, the many call transfers between several departments was rediculous, it’s like no one seems to know which department handles what function… WOW!!. Well in short, I do identify with why many citizens complain profusely about basic corporation services.

    To date, this street light is still off in front of my building and the ironic thing about it is, the lighting fixture on Christie Avenue right around the corner from where I live just blew recently and was changed just last month. I stopped my vehicle and ask the gentleman changing that bulb if it was possible to come just around the corner and change the one in front of my building, he told me he didn’t have a work order for it so he could not do it. He’d make a record of it and log it once he gets back to the office. This lamp is still off so “go figure!”.

    The defective light is located on pole #1 in front of building #4 Eneas Avenue and Lancaster Road in Stapledon Gardens. This is on a very dangerous T-Junction where near accidents occur every day as it is on a blind curve.

    Now I have reported it again this morning so once again I will see how long it is going to take for this matter to finally be resolved!.


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