Students Gather For Anti-Crime Rally

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Terez Dynamite Daisy Davis with her presentation during Her Majesty's Prison 3rd Annual Anti-Crime Rally Thursday, September 23.

Hundreds of students, along with teachers, administrators and several inmates of Her Majesty’s Prisons, gathered on Thursday, September 23 to participate in the third annual Anti-crime rally.

The event, which was held under the theme, ‘Stop, Think, Act,’ was sponsored by the Ministry of National Security and was held at the Church of God Auditorium on Joe Farrington Road. Minister of National Security, the Hon. Tommy Turnquest encouraged students to memorise the theme saying that adhering to it, would steer them in the ‘right direction.’

“This year’s theme presses you to ‘Stop, Think, Act.’ I want all of you to memorise this theme,” said Mr. Turnquest.

“Say it, silently or out loud, when you find yourself in arguments, or in situations of confusion and conflict; say it when you become angry and ‘short of patience.’ He said that if they followed the theme, they would be less likely to act in a way that would ‘harm or disadvantage’ themselves or others or that could jeopardise their future.

“You will remain focused on preventing crime and promoting safety, and on avoiding wrongdoing, crime and criminality,” said Mr. Turnquest. The students were also encouraged to follow the right path during a presentation by Pastor Carlos Reid, a former gang member. Pastor Reid said that there is ‘nothing cool’ about violence.

“Violence does not pay, don’t try to be macho by beating someone up or causing problem — the real measure of a man is not always based on his physical strength but on his character,” Pastor Reid told the students.

Evangelist Emily Williams and Pastor Reno Brenan also made presentations encouraging the students to always keep God at the centre of their lives.

In addition, students were treated to dramatisations by the HMP inmates Drama club and Terez ‘Dynamite Daisy’ Davis

By Betty Vedrine
Bahamas Information Services

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  • Alright, am I the only one disturbed by the fact that they had an incarcerated pedophile perform for these children? I believe this is his second conviction and he’s performing for them.


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