Bahamas Students Attend Special Showing of ‘Oceans’

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Nassau, The Bahamas – Young Bahamian students got a visual experience of how the ocean functions as a natural resource.

On October 13, the Ministry of the Environment and the American Embassy sponsored a special showing of Disney’s “Oceans” at the Galleria Cinemas in the Marathon Mall on Marathon Road for various primary school students in New Providence.

“The Bahamas is very important and the oceans are very important.  We live in 100,000 square miles of connected waters and our Great Bahama Bank feeds the whole of the Western Atlantic with fish, grouper, conch, lobster, turtles and sharks,” said Earl Deveaux, Minister of the Environment.

“Our coral reef, the Great Barrier Reef of Andros, and the rest of the reefs along Abaco and the rest of the islands account for five percent of the carbon that’s stored in the world.”

The children giggled and gasped as they watched the film highlight life in the ocean and the dangers beneath its surface.  The film experience also sensitised them to the effects of climate change and the benefits of renewable energies.

“I really hope you enjoy this film and take away from it the importance of your country and how it contributes to the world.  Please enjoy the film and thank you so much for coming,” said Dr. Deveaux.

Jefferson Dubel, the deputy Chief of Mission at the American Embassy also addressed the students on behalf of the U.S. Ambassador to The Bahamas, Nicole Avant.

The joint sponsorship between the Ministry of the Environment and the U.S. Embassy is expected to raise awareness, start conversation, and lead ultimately to concrete plans to improve the planet and to push toward renewable energies.

Schools in attendance were Naomi Blatch Primary, Woodcock Primary, Gambier Primary, Claridge Primary, Oakes Field Primary and St. Anne’s Primary School.

By Gena Gibbs
Bahamas Information Services

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