Bahamian Serial Killer Sentenced To Life in Prison

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Sadistic serial killer Cordell Farrington yesterday apologized to his victims’ families before a judge handed down four life sentences for the brutal 2003 deaths of Junior Reme, Mackinson Colas; Desmond Rolle and Deangelo McKenzie in Grand Bahama.

The boys’ disappearance over a period of five months remained a mystery until Farrington walked into a police station in October 2003 and confessed, telling police he “couldn’t take it anymore”.

The prosecution accepted pleas to the reduced charge of manslaughter in the boys’ deaths last week because Farrington was suffering from a severe personality disorder at the time of the crimes. Farrington was already serving a life sentence for the death of his live-in partner Jamal Robins, whom he bludgeoned in his sleep, when he pleaded guilty to the murders of the boys.

Prosecutor Neil Brathwaite read Farrington’s confession  statements into the record. The statements detailed how a cunning Farrington lured his trusting victims before killing them and storing their remains. Farrington had sex with three of his victims before he killed them, the court heard.

The details of the vicious deaths proved too much for the victims’ families and Senior Justice Jon Isaacs ordered police to remove them from the courtroom following several outbursts.

Before passing sentence, Justice Isaacs told Farrington his actions were not those of someone who ought to be readmitted to society.

Source: Nassau Guardian article by ARTESIA DAVIS

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