Bradley Roberts Intimidating PLP On Arawak Homes Actions

Friday 08th, October 2010 / 08:48 Published by

PLP chairman Bradley Roberts has been slammed for intimidating the PLP party to remain silent on Arawak Homes’ recent and likely illegal and immoral demolishings of the houses of poor Bahamians.

During proceedings in the House of Assembly, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham brought up the ongoing land dispute between Arawak Homes and the poor homeowners, challenging Perry Christie, PLP leader to stand up to Mr. Roberts and break the silence.

Ingraham challenged Christie to “stand up” saying that he was intimidated by his own chairman. He bashed Arawak Homes for “knocking down people’s houses”.

Ingraham said, “The PLP chairman’s company is knocking down people’s houses. The chairman of the PLP. And the PLP is silent! They can’t open their mouth. Mum’s the word! Mum! Intimidated by their own chairman, and claiming to be friends of the poor. What poor? They knock their houses down!” Mr Ingraham exclaimed.

This is not the first time Arawak Homes has been at the center of a moral and legal controversy. The company is owned by Bahamian “businessman” Franklyn Wilson, who has earned the nickname “Snake” and has been referred to as a Bahamian gangster. Married to a former judge, Wilson has often appeared to be above the law.

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