Lincoln Bain Fired From GEMS For Expressing His Opinion

Friday 08th, October 2010 / 09:02 Published by

Radio and TV host Lincoln Bain was fired from his job at GEMS radio yesterday after expressing his opinion on the bulldozing of homes by ‘Snake’ Wilson’s Arawak Homes Company.

Bain, who is host of “The New Nation” and Controversy TV told listeners that he did not know who had clear title to the land in question, but his sympathy lies with the homeowners, residents, and property owners being brutally evicted.

Arawak Homes maintains there has been rampant tresspassing on their land and have taken to bulldozing down homes in an effort to reclaim property they say belongs to them.

Mr Bain, who is a member of the ‘Justice League’, has offered support to the residents and property owners in the area.

His bosses at GEMS, Cyprianna McWeeney and Debbie Bartlett are staunch PLP supporters and insisted that Mr Bain take Arawak’s Homes perspective on the air.

Refusing to be muzzled, Mr Bain went on the air and spoke his mind, rather than succumb to the censorship of his PLP bosses.

Because he refused to put a pro-Arawak Homes/PLP slant on the issue, they fired him.

Mr Bain will continue his work on Controversy TV.


2 Comments on “Lincoln Bain Fired From GEMS For Expressing His Opinion

  • Why keep bringing up the PLP. Both parties have stake in Arawak Homes, u make it sound like a sinister plot to protect the PLP when it just seems like a station trying to avoid getting sued.In fact Lincoln was continually saying this was not a political issue.

  • Mr. Bain we applaud your bold actions and your courage. The Bahamian people are all too familiar with the type of censorship that occurs at Gems. Perhaps now the people of this Bahamas will begin to understand that the PLP is for the small man in talk only……… actions to follow.


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