Michael Jackson Is Top-Earning Dead Celebrity

Tuesday 26th, October 2010 / 09:00 Published by

Michael Jackson’s drawing power in death leaped off the charts, vaulting him to the top of Forbes’ latest list of the top-earning deceased celebrities.

The magazine says The Gloved One’s estate grossed $275 million between Oct. 1, 2009 and Oct. 1, 2010.

It was, Forbes says, more than the other dozen dead stars on the list combined – and more than the combined earnings of the biggest living acts, U2 and AC/DC.

“Jackson’s posthumous earnings,” says Forbes, “come from his stake in the lucrative Sony/ATV catalog, the hit Sony film “This Is It,” and renewed fan interest in music, videos and all things Michael Jackson.”

To make this year’s list, a dead celebrity needed to earn at least $5 million between Oct. 1, 2009, and Oct. 1, 2010.

The complete list, with into taken directly from Forbes:

1) Michael Jackson, $275 million

The King of Pop passed away last summer, but he’s made more money over the past year than any musician, dead or alive. His $275 million total was greater than the earnings of the two most profitable living acts, U2 and AC/DC, combined. Jackson’s posthumous earnings have been bolstered by shrewd negotiations by his estate, including a merchandising deal and the rights to his name and likeness for the Sony film This Is It, which grossed over a quarter of a billion dollars.


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