Ninth Body Found In Lake Killarney Crash

Tuesday 12th, October 2010 / 07:36 Published by

A ninth body in Tuesday’s fatal crash was pulled from Lake Killarney on Friday this as investigators were continuing to comb the site for evidence that could help them determine what caused the crash of the Acklins Blue Cessna 402 flight moments after take-off.

The victim is believed to be 23 year old Junior Lubin a sound technician with a local company on New Providence. The young man was fond after investigators had discovered evidence leading them to search for two additional men believed to have been on the plane.

Investigators first began to question the possibility of another victim being involved in that plane crash after they discovered documents at the scene pertaining to the 23 year old. Another lead that fostered a further search was the fact that Mr. Lubin’s boss, Clarence Nathanial Williams was one of them eight men who succumbed in the crash.

The group was headed to San Salvador to set-up for the Homecoming event over the long Discovery Day weekend.

Royal Bahamas Defence Force divers also found the passport of a Jamaican man near the wreckage, but it has not been confirmed whether the man was on the plane.

Source: The Nassau Guardian and Freeport News


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