Open Letter To Perry Christie

Wednesday 06th, October 2010 / 11:05 Published by

Dear Mr. Christie,

You are so funny. You were clearly playing a cynical game of wait-and-see over the Baha Mar project. You hemmed and hawed and refused to make a clear statement of your party’s position on the matter so that whatever the government decided, you would be free to pounce on it.

But as the leader of the Opposition that has complained about not being consulted you were thrown into a tizzy when Mr. Ingraham told you he would bring the matter to the House of Assembly so you and your colleagues can vote yea or nay.

Then you, Mr. Christie, the master of cynicism, accused Mr. Ingraham of being cynical for calling your bluff and upsetting your game plan! But, incredibly, and in the same breath, Mr. Christie, you say that it is commendable for the government to seek bipartisan support for the project!

Which is it Mr. Christie? Cynical or commendable? ‘And do you ever listen to yourself, or do you just go on talking, hoping people will say how well you speak and forget what you said when you first opened your mouth?

And talking about cynical, Mr. Christie, do you recall how, you all voted unanimously in favor of constitutional changes in the House of Assembly and then went out in the country and campaigned against the very changes you had voted for? Do you remember that?

When Mr. Ingraham spoke about the Baha Mar project in the House, you said you did not like his tone. Now that he has laid it all out to the people in a press conference you say that he has “soured” public opinion about the deal. I don’t recall  you saying anything that would have made public: opinion “sweet” an the deal while you were bobbing and weaving.

What Mr. Ingraham did was to talk to the Bahamian people as if we were adults, not silly children to be manipulated by a double-talking politician. He laid it all out – the pros and cons, the ups and the downs of the proposed project.

He spoke as an intelligent leader who masters his brief and understands all the implications. He spoke as an honest leader who is willing to trust his people with the truth. You call that souring public opinion, Mr. Christie? I call it informing public opinion with the facts. You should try it some time, Mr. Christie.


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