Progress On Farm Road In South Andros

Friday 22nd, October 2010 / 07:57 Published by

With the BAIC farm road nearing its destination (the pine forest in the background), executive chairman Edison M. Key (right) and contractor Wayde Forbes express satisfaction with the progress. (BIS photo/Gladstone Thurston)

Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation’s three-mile farm road through Duncombe’s Coppice in South Andros has reached the fertile pine forest.

And, in anticipation of the opportunities it may bring, the South Andros Farmers’ Association has been formed, headed by Bridget Lloyd.

“Androsians are excited about the prospects of new frontiers being opened creating new opportunities for those who want to return home to live and work,” said BAIC executive chairman Edison M. Key.

“South Andros needs a shot in the arm. With all its potential, it is just sitting there doing nothing. Hopefully BAIC can be the catalyst for getting it moving.”

Mr Key and his executive team inspected the work on Tuesday and met with contractor Wayde Forbes of Driggs Hill Machinery, to formalise completion of the project.  General manager Benjamin Rahming, and assistant general managers Judith Thompson (land) and Arnold Dorsett (agriculture), and investor Paul Baker accompanied him.

“Some additional work needs to be done to complete the road so that it becomes useable to support the project we are trying to achieve — providing agriculture land for the local farmers,” said Mr Key.

Contractor Forbes had to work through extremely rugged terrain and negotiate a 70-foot elevation before descending into the vast pine forest.

“Once you get over the hill you are into thousands and thousands of acres of good agricultural land which we hope to utilise for the South Andros agriculture initiative.”

The plan is for BAIC to obtain from the Government a sufficient portion of the land, have it subdivided it into manageable plots, and leased to farmers “at a reasonable rate,” he explained.

Land will also be made available for livestock rearers, with assistance with land preparation being provided through a BAIC programme.

By Gladstone Thurston
Bahamas Information Services


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