Prostitutes Back in Action on Bay Street

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After being shut down two years ago, a prostitution ring operating only steps away from the Fort Charlotte Police Station appears to be thriving again.

American tourists were harrassed by a Bahamian pimp trying to sell his women on Bay Street Monday night.

Jamaican and Haitian women are allegedly holed up in the Mayfair Hotel while their pimps work Bay Street soliciting tourists.

A multi-national prostitution ring that was headquartered in the hotel was busted two years ago. However, the participants were tiped off prior to the raid, allegedly by a crooked cop, and hence no arrests were made and nobody was ever prosecuted for operating the prostitution ring.

It is presumed that police officers from the Fort Charlotte precinct are involved in the prostitution business, or how else could it even exist in such close proximity to the police station.

The Tribune reports that their reporters witnessed the pimp soliciting his girls to a group of American tourists on Monday evening outside the hotel.

“Avoiding his remarks, the men continued down the street, despite being followed and assured by the handler that whatever they were seeking he could ‘supply’,” the newspaper reports.

Cops at the Fort Charlotte Police station played dumb, telling the newspaper that they knew “nothing” about any prostitution taking place at the hotel.

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2 Comments on “Prostitutes Back in Action on Bay Street

  • How sad that all is bad publicity is being seen by all the world and no one seems to give a dam….

    When will the authorities realize that all this bad publicity is hurting out beloved country???????? Are they all blind? Or are they of the mind that if you don’t deal with it, it will all blow over……..

  • This is the first call for the resignation of The Police Chief; as he is only a “public relations pro” and not a hands on officer. Now is the time for Dames to get a shot at cleaning-up the force and ridding our streets of thugs. Please note there will be some bloodshed if this is done but be assured our streets will be clean.


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