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A St. John's College parent participates in the question and answer segment of the presentation by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport on the New Providence Road Improvement Project. (BIS photo/Patrick Hanna)

Nassau, The Bahamas – Continuing its efforts to inform and educate the public on the New Providence Road Improvement Infrastructure Projects, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport extended its public relations campaign to the Parents Teachers Association of St. John’s College.

Charlene Collie-Harris, civil engineer and public relations representative for the road projects, told parents and teachers that the objective is to make the driving experience easier for all motorists.

She urged them to change their attitude toward driving and work together with the Ministry of Works in its efforts to improve the road network. Borrowing a phrase from a banner erected on a wall in the school’s auditorium she said, “Attitude is everything.”

Ms. Collie-Harris said the Ministry’s mandate is to build roads with proper infrastructure and work in conjunction with utility companies to install drainage.   She said, “Be courteous, plan your journeys and exercise patience.”

The six-legged roundabout opened on August 30 at the intersection of John F Kennedy Drive/Bethel Avenue/Farrington Road and Thompson Boulevard is still under construction and motorists will not see its full capacity at this time, she said.

“Major utility works are being carried out and traffic must move at all times as we improve roads. Road closures must happen to avoid unsafe areas,” she said.

There are presently no plans to open the existing Bethel Avenue (closed at the northern entrance) as it was not designed to take the high volume of traffic that previously traversed that corridor.

“Bethel Avenue is a sub-division. The new highway was built for the load and volume that Bethel Avenue previously carried. We’re building proper roadways so we can return neighbourhoods back to the people who live in them.”

She said the Ministry of Works is presently preparing a public bus unification programme, a school bus programme and other initiatives including maintenance of roads.

“Too much time is spent focusing on the roads and not the transportation system,” she added.

By Kathryn Campbell
Bahamas Information Services


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