Rogue Cop Transferred Not Fired

Monday 18th, October 2010 / 09:15 Published by

Nassau’s Central Police Station is a bastion of corruption.

Officers at the station have been known to let prisoners have sex in the station. Last year a police corporal at the station was charged with having sex with an underage girl who had been held at the station overnight.

Another scandal involved two officers at the station who were charged in connection with the escape of accused rapists Ricardo Knowles and Renardo Bastian.  A judge ordered the pair held at the station overnight but the men escaped with the help of corrupt cops.

Officers have even smuggled contraband into the lock-up.

One of the female officers at that station is allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a notorious career criminal. The rogue lady cop has been involved in a number of scandals, yet senior officers have never done anything to stem her allegedly crooked actions.

Now, under pressure after the female officer was highlighted in the Punch for suspicious activities, senior police officers have reassigned the woman.  Why she has not been fired is not clear.

Prison records confirm that the officer has regularily visited her inmate “boyfriend” at Fox Hill prison, bringing him meals and possibly smuggling in contraband.

She has also been accused of threatening people under the direction of the inmate who communicates with her by cell phone.

The inmate’s ex-girlfriend has also filed a complaint of assault against the rogue officer after an incident at Bank Lane.

The girl cop has hired a lawyer and is now claiming the career criminal is her “cousin”.


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