Solomon’s Pushes For Wine Sales in Grocery Stores

Wednesday 13th, October 2010 / 08:58 Published by

Solomon’s Super Center is celebrating in its 10-year anniversary by lobbying for change for the next decade, with executives calling for the approval of wine sales in local grocery stores.

After all, said CEO Gavin Watchorn, the practice is ubiquitous in most American and European markets.

“Maybe certain traditions need to challenged,” he told Guardian Business.  “It’s well beyond time that the sale of wine in food stores should be allowed… the consumer who buys wine in the food store is generally not going to go in a liquor store.

It’s housewives preparing dinner.

“It’s a market segment that we feel has not been properly serviced. We want to do it and we want to do it right, and we think it’s about time for a change in that mindset and philosophy.”

Currently, the process calls for alcohol to be sold in a separate location – not in a store where children could have access – then an inspection is conducted of the property before a liquor license is granted.

Given that the construction can be quite costly for such a structure, Watchorn said it’s hardly likely that any sound businessman would take the chance in the absence of guaranteed approval.

He said the company, a subsidiary of AML Foods Ltd., has made its position on the policy known to the proper authorities.

Watchorn’s comments come as the Solomon’s in Grand Bahama prepares to offer the product on its shelves.

“We’ve just received approval to put in wine and spirits in our Freeport store from the Grand Bahama Port Authority,” he added.  “They are progressive and see that this is something that’s been in the U.S. and European food stores for years.

“I think the Grand Bahama Port Authority has realized that there is a consumer for wine and spirits that is not your standard liquor store consumer.”


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