The Beginning of The End for The Bahamas?

Wednesday 06th, October 2010 / 11:08 Published by

The socio-economic meltdown of The Bahamas has started and will soon take on epidemic proportions if we, as a nation, fail or refuse to acknowledge the same.  This is not about petty or mundane politics. I, for one, am tired and stressed out with political tribalism in our beautiful country. The overt stupidity is a ciear and present danger to the sensibility of the nation. I am a full blooded Bahamian and no one, bar none, loves the cotuntry more than yours truly.

Love of country cannot be translated into being perceived as a PLP or an FNM or whatever else may lie in between.

The basic responsibility must and should lie within the home structure. Far too many Bahamians are, simply shacking up; making unwanted and uncared children. They are, for the most part, devoid of basic parental attributes and an agenda for the long haul… whatever bucks up goes and the beat goes on.

Once these children are pushed out into the world, they are relegated to rearing, naturing and caring for themselves. I submit, for your consideration, that it cannot continue to go like this. Our politicians, the clergy and the other great honchoes, are themselves dysfunctional, disorientated and visionless, in the extreme. Yet, we expect them to be God’s ‘gifts’ to the wider world. Alice in Wonderland is still, I postulate, alive and well in this country.  Many of them have absolutely no clue as to what is going on in the real world and barely a minimum of them could, apparently, care less. Today, the very nation is disintegrating before our very eyes and no one, seemingly, is checking. Where is the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister? Where is the Rt. Hon. Leader of the Opposition?

The Bahamas Christian Council shout from the rooftops: ‘Don’t play numbers’ and ‘Don’t sell some Acee & Cod fish’ but they fail or refuse tor address sweethearting, children born out of wedlock or stable relationships. Few, if any of them talk or pontificate about the substandard educational system. The last man standing is himself, a hypocrite of the highest and most basic order. In fact, the church may have fallen [asleep], I suppose, at the wheel while the ship of state goes from pillar to post.

I cannot and will not stand back while so many of our people perish and go to the dogs while the spineless, unprincipled and godless seek to pontificate and lord it over us. I thank God, daily, that I am not a PLP, an FNM or any of the local political flavors of the day. I am able to cuss them and lambaste them for what they are… a bunch of sons and daughters of perdition.

The very people whom we place in power could care less about taking us into the land of milk and honey. All they seem to care about is being re-elected for the next parliamentary term. Is this what we voted for? Collectively, for?

What is going down at Cable Beach? Will the Izmerlian group come through for the people of this nation? Will this government ensure that we get the appropriate ‘end’ of the stick or, will it be ‘business as usual’? The baby will be, I submit, a golden one. The real question, however, is whether or not ‘the baby’ is truly a Bahamian, based on paternalism. To God then, in all things, be the glory!

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