The Increasing Need For Discretion On The Internet

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The recent sentencing of a Nassau woman to eight months in jail after she was convicted of threatening another female on her Facebook page, at first sounded strange and something that was unlikely to happen in The Bahamas.

This sentencing may be the first of its kind in The Bahamas, but it certainly will not be the last. With the ever-increasing availability and dependency on modern technology, those who refuse to use discretion in their computer and technological usage may suddenly find themselves in a courtroom facing serious charges and possible jail time.

The Internet since its inception has been a bone of contention for many. Many parents have claimed that the Internet is an open door for kids to have their minds corrupted by the”sexual and explicit”things that can be found with a click of a mouse.

Parents now have to become vigilant in terms of what sites their children visit and what chat rooms they may be stumbling into.

With the introduction of social networks sites such as Facebook, My Space and others, not only children have become susceptible to getting in trouble.

Yes, even adults have to exercise Internet prudence.

Those who post certain photos on the Internet, or who say certain things on the Internet have to be conscious of the fact that once something is posted online, it immediately goes into cyberspace and there is no way of retrieving it or taking it back.

The stories of those who have been burned by their lack of discretion in using the Internet abounds. There are those who have been fired because of photos that were posted on the Internet. Some have even been fired for talking about their boss to another on the Internet, and some, like the woman here in New Providence, have been known to threaten another via e-mail or Facebook.

A photo taken at an office party during a night of drinking may seem funny that night, but the next day when it is discovered on the Internet for the world to see, it may not be as funny as the night before.

With the ability to Google someone or check out another’s Facebook page, some employers have gone to checking up on perspective employees before hiring them. In some cases, some people are never hired.

While the World Wide Web offers endless possibilities and sites and offers a chance to chat with family and friends around the world, such freedom comes with a heavy price, if not used with discretion.

Editorial from The Nassau Guardian

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