Thousands Stolen From Exuma Police Station

Tuesday 19th, October 2010 / 09:27 Published by

It is difficult to believe that the police can protect businesses in Exuma when they are unable to protect their own police station.

Police have confirmed that over $10,000 was stolen from the Exuma Central Detective Police Station.

The crime occured at weekend, sometime between midnight and 9:00am, at the station which is located outside of George Town.

The front entrance of the station was smashed open and thieves made off with the money.

This is the fifth government building to be burglarized in the past four months. Last month the Governor’s Harbour Post Office was robbed.

In August, the Acklins Island Administrator’s Office was robbed of over $250,000.

In June, the Passport Office on Thompson Boulevard was burglarized.

Also in June, there was also a break-in at the Road Traffic Department.

In early August there was a break-in at the Accounts Section of the Department of Immigration.

Prior to that, there was a break-in at the Nassau Street magistrates’ court complex.

In a previous incident, the Nassau chambers of Senior Supreme Court Justice Jon Isaacs was broken into and vandalised.

Police have allegedly launched a “widespread investigation”.

Sources close to the investigations believe that corrupt police officers were involved in the crimes.

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