Cuba To Export Natural Water To The Bahamas

Friday 12th, November 2010 / 10:16 Published by

The Cubahidraulica enterprise of Cuba is setting the conditions for the export of bottled and bulk natural water to Jamaica and Bahamas, said director Jose Antonio Hernandez in Havana.

In statements to ACN, Hernandez said as part of the company’s export expansion policy, it will broaden its market to the Caribbean, where demands of the liquid are on the rise due to the salinity affecting insular waters.

Needed volumes will be harvested from underground springs in Moa, Holguin, and also in areas of northeast and north-central part of Cuba, which provide pure, transparent water of certified quality.

Cubahidraulica’s sales expert Gretel Olivera Rojas said the enterprise also exports high-density polyethylene corrugated and smooth lined pipes to the Caribbean, Central America and South America. This product will be shortly extended to the Asian market, she added.

Cubahidraulica is part of the Cuban Ministry of Construction. It is in charge of importing and exporting equipment, parts, hydraulic, and electrical and mechanical accessories for national use.

The enterprise also exports water-treatment plants, waterworks, desalination plants and sewage treatment plants; as well as irrigation systems, water systems. It provides different services such as well drilling, technical advisory, systems assembly and repair works.


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