PLP Missing An Opportunity

Thursday 25th, November 2010 / 10:54 Published by

Every “record” that is attained requires a foundation – records that are positive and records that impact us negatively.

Instead of trying to get some much needed mileage on the current crime issue, the leadership of the PLP should have used the opportunity to take the high road and not point fingers at the FNM on the issue.

It is common knowledge that the foundations for the homicide record we are about to eclipse came out of decades that preceded it, and that the period was seminal to what we are experiencing now.

But, the ongoing tragedy here is that the opposition is not presenting an alternative to “anything”, their modus-operandi’s inherent weakness is the disregarding of the historical record regarding the plight and problems of the people they want to lead.

We are dealing with children sired in the drug era, and our inability to deal with the realities that accompany such social upheavals is evident and politicians need to be doing something different from running their “sweet mouth” at every opportunity.

I wonder if Mr.Christie has censured Mr. Mitchell on the remarks he made about the Chinese leader and the prime minister?

The continued perceptual build up that is accompanying the opposition’s attempts at doing politics is not working for them.

Even Mr. Christie’s ill-timed jabs at Mr Ingraham and him using a Blackberry did not get any kind of traction, but I am still scratching my head wondering, what did he expect?

All he showed was that Mr.Ingraham was more in touch with what is going on than he was. The next election is coming up and the average ages of those who lead and would want to lead have the FNM at a distinct advantage, but paradoxically they also outnumber the opposition in cumulative governmental experience with a deeper bench.

It will not be enough to have a catchy phrase or patience to wait for something wrong to happen before you make a statement, and the opposition has to make its adjustments now if they want to be seen as viable.



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