PM Addresses Issue Of Rising Violent Crime

Wednesday 17th, November 2010 / 08:46 Published by

During a nationally televised press conference Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham informed the public on the government’s planned initiatives to address violent crime in the Bahamas.

“My administration has begun to put in place long-term measures such as the reform of the criminal justice system. We have begun to seriously address the backlog of cases through the provision of personnel and facilities,” Prime Minister Ingraham said.

“We have already implemented pilot CCTV monitoring programmes in parts of downtown and other areas.

Prime Minister Ingraham stressed the need for the general Bahamian society to pull together and work towards the common goal of decreasing the rising crime levels.


1 Comments on “PM Addresses Issue Of Rising Violent Crime

  • How can society be “involved” when you have a gun or knife a your throat.
    Everyone I know now shops in groups, hardly ever goes out a night. Life has become so restricted. It’s like living in a cage.
    Maybe the Bahamian Defense Force could be used in conjuction with the police.


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