Robinson Road Works In Progress

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Nassau, The Bahamas – Road works are currently underway on  Robinson Road.  The first phase of the road works for Robinson Road began at the Claridge and Robinson Road intersection and will progress as far west as the Baillou Hill and Robinson Road junction and east at the junction of Fox Hill Road and Prince Charles Drive.

Charlene Collie-Harris, engineer and public relations representative for the New Providence Road Improvement Project (NPRIP) said, “As the contractor progresses in the westbound direction with the installation of the new 24-inch water-main, works have progressed in the first area that was closed between Claridge Road and Mollie Street.”

The project involves installation of drainage facilities and future road ducts for utilities. The work also includes extension and upgrade of existing utilities, concrete sidewalks, concrete kerbing, street lighting and the first layer of asphalt pavement.

Ms. Collie-Harris explained that the intention of the full road closure is “to provide a safe environment for the motoring public as the contractor progresses the construction works in the area. Under traffic management (one lane open at a time) we can only do minimal work, but when we have a full road closure we can do all of the outlined works at the same time.”

Furthermore, she said the Ministry of Public Works and Transport’s first priority is to provide a safe environment for the motoring public as the contractor is using heavy equipment to expedite the contracted works.

Work on the corridor began in April. The objective of the NPRIP is to improve the road network by construction of new road corridors, reconstruction of existing road corridors and improvement of major intersections.

By Kathryn Campbell
Bahamas Information Services


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