Seniors Grateful For Urban Renewal Luncheon

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The Farm Road Band prays quietly during the invocation at the luncheon. The band kept the cadence of the event with Junkanoo renditions of popular hymns and holiday music. (BIS Photo / Gena Gibbs).

Nassau, The Bahamas – Two hundred and forty-three senior citizens gathered Wednesday, November 24 to break bread and give thanks for life.  The grateful elders took a walk down memory lane with Jack Thompson, director of immigration.

He led them to remember the progress they have witnessed in The Bahamas over the last 70 years.  From transistor radios to rabbit ears TV antennas, from the Savoy Theatre to The Silver Slipper, from the House of Sales to flannel shirts and polyester, Mr. Thompson travelled with the seniors on a timeline of memorable landmarks.

“When I thought about how many years we have in this place, I thought about what you must have witnessed in your lifetime.  Then, I was thinking about the olden days and years passed and one of my favourite songs is ‘Through all the changes, think of life’,” said Mr. Thompson.

“It is a good thing to give thanks to God.  Ingratitude is a serious thing.  Even if you give something to your children or your grandchildren, you like for them to say ‘thank you’.  And so when God gives us a day, it is important for us to say,’ Thank you God for giving us a brand new day.”

On November 24, The Urban Renewal Programme invited 27 seniors from each of the nine community centres in New Providence.  The event was a collective Thanksgiving Luncheon at the New Providence Community Centre on Blake Road – all invitees attended.

However, each centre wanted to make certain everyone received a meal this year and independently had a Thanksgiving luncheon within each community.   The Farm Road Urban Renewal Band inspired the mood of gratitude with a complementary cadence to a Junkanoo rendition of popular hymns and holiday classics, such as “Silver Bells.”

The vigorous drumbeat kept an upbeat momentum of positive reflection.

Mrs. Ella Lewis, national coordinator of the Urban Renewal Programme, welcomed the seniors and thanked them for their patience and compassion as caring parents and community builders.   “We are doing well today because of who you are and the contributions you have made,” said Mrs. Lewis.

“You are the lovers of our children, lovers for the family, lovers of the church, and for that, we are thankful.  Thank you for coming out and having a good time.  You will have a good time today.”

The menu included Bahamian holiday staple dishes such as turkey, ham, peas and rice, macaroni and cheese, beets, and coleslaw, served with a homemade fruit punch.

By Gena Gibbs
Bahamas Information Services


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