Woman Stabbed To Death in Adelaide

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Adelaide Village was the scene of the latest brutal murder on New Providence Island.

Shandie Cartwright of Johnson Road, and a man presumed to be her boyfriend, were in an area known as a “lover’s lane” when two armed men attacked the couple.

Ms Cartwright was fatally stabbed and the male victim received wounds to his arm.

The attackers also stole their car, a black Hyundai Accent with the licence plate number 223079.

Ms Cartwright, 22, was an employee of the Royal Bank of Canada’s Palmdale branch.

It is reported in the Tribune newspaper that the male victim went door-to-door in an attempt to get help. Residents from at least two different houses refused to answer their door because it was late or they were home alone.

The man, who was bleeding profusely, was finally able to get assistance from a resident who called the police.

A 23 year-old man is allegedly being questioned by police in relation to the incident.

The police and local residents, in their usual state of denial, say this is an “isolated incident”, “quiet community”, “never happens here”, “safe place to come”, etc.

Yet, when a bleeding man came knocking on doors in this “peaceful community” several people were afraid to answer their door.  Why?  Because all of New Providence is a scary place.

Adelaide is only minutes away from where other murders have taken place. It is all the same island, the same community, and there have been nearly one-hundred murders on this island in the past 12 months.

Until Bahamians admit that their country is unsafe and crippled with crime, there will be no solutions. As long as everybody keeps saying this is “peaceful community”, crime will continue to sprial out-of-control until…


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  • This was possibly an avoidable tragedy if the street lights along ” lover’s lane ” were working. It is so dark along this road that residents are not only afraid of strangers at their gates but also of getting out of their vehicles in order to enter their own properties. Despite many many requests over the past three years – the street lights have not been repaired and the area is an open invitation to those who wish to commit crimes. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to the Cartwright family for their loss. May Shandie rest in peace.


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