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Monday 13th, December 2010 / 19:07 Published by
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The St Louis Tennis Foundation based in Haiti is proud to launch their new and exciting website The St Louis Tennis Foundation STF has a mission to promote tennis for free for Haitian children.

Head Coach and founder, Francky St  Louis, is passionate about children and his country. He has a positive vision for the future of Haiti by facilitating for the provision of skills for the children. Tennis, he believes, is a positive way to help children progress and it is his contribution to making Haiti a better place.

Mr. St. Louis is an accomplished tennis player and coach. He has played in various tournaments and has trained students for tournament level.

A program has been established for one hundred children to participate. Ten schools will be selected and five girls and five boys from each school will participate in learning tennis from a rudimentary level to competitive levels over the course of the year.

As the STF is offering tennis for FREE sponsors are needed to make this a reality. Immediate needs are for tennis rackets, balls and uniforms for the students. Maintenance of existing court and bathroom facilities are also a priority.

Long term goals are to build additional tennis courts. Participation and support would be welcome. Please become a sponsor and support tennis for impoverished children in Haiti.

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