Coca-Cola & Wendy’s Livin’ Large Big Cash Winner

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On a Friday afternoon, a mother arrived at the Wendy’s Bernard Road location with some loose change to purchase a meal for her son. Little did she know that the small purchase would grow 100-fold as she became the third $500 cash prize winner in the Coca-Cola and Wendy’s Livin’ Large promotion.

contest winner
Pictured l-r: Yolanda Pawar, Marketing Manager for Wendy’s & Marco’s Pizza, Glynis Demeritte week three winner of Coca-Cola’s Wendy’s Livin’ Large $500 cash prize and Cyndi Williams-Rahming, Customer Service & PR Manager, Caribbean Bottling Company Bahamas Ltd.

“All I can say is thank you, this is truly a blessing,” beamed Glynis Demeritte, the mother who collected the funds on behalf of her son Edward Demeritte.  “I picked him up from school and he mentioned that he was hungry, so I went to Wendy’s and bought him a combo, upgraded it to a large, filled out the form and submitted it. The thought of actually winning didn’t cross my mind. When we got the call that we in fact did win, my son was ecstatic.”

“It goes to show that anyone can be a winner with the Wendy’s & Coca-Cola Livin’ Large promotion,” said Cyndi Williams-Rahming, Customer Service & PR Manager, Caribbean Bottling Company Bahamas Ltd. “We understand that the cash prize will be used to assist in sending Edward on a school-related trip and we’re thrilled to be a part of a meaningful promotion that truly adds value to the lives of our patrons.”
The five-week promotion which seeks to reward customers ends December 10 with one lucky person winning an all-expense-paid 4-day, 3-night trip to New York City for four on JetBlue complete with an entertainment and shopping allowance.

“Hearing the joy in Glynis’ voice when we told her she won was inspiring,” remarked Yolanda Pawar, Marketing Manager for Wendy’s & Marco’s Pizza. “Appreciating the financial challenges we all face, Wendy’s is pleased to reward our customers in a tangible way. We’re further committed to providing delicious, ‘everyday meal options’ that offer variety and value for hard earned money.”

With one more week left to win a $500 cash prize, plus the upcoming drawing for the New York City trip, organizers are urging patrons to click on for details, and visit the nearest Wendy’s location for their chance to win. To be eligible, customers must simply upgrade any combo to a large and complete the information on the receipt at any of Wendy’s nine restaurants including Grand Bahama and the Lynden Pindling International Airport.


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