Bahamas Government To Revive Resort Area in Grand Bahama

Wednesday 02nd, February 2011 / 08:18 Published by

After receiving no news from Harcourt Development for some time, the Grand Bahamas government has finally found the officials of the company. Minister of Finance Zhirvago Laing with Royal Oasis Hotel owner the Harcourt Group are in talks with parties over interests in a piece of dormant property that has been inactive since September of 2004.

The Irish development company had secured the property back in 2007, but was unable to start work on the site due to bad economic conditions in the country. Harcourt had invested as much as $400 million on the Resort planning to build 98 timeshare units, two golf courses, towers, a casino and a country club.

Laing explains that a reopening of the Resort would bode very well for the economy of Grand Bahamas. He adds that if some of the parties interested in the property would go forth with their plans, the area will be revived and will benefit straw vendors and shop owners in the international Bazaar.

Source: Timeshares Daily

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