Cable Bahamas Given 2013 Deadline To Unbundle Services

Monday 07th, February 2011 / 09:50 Published by

The unbundling of services offered by Cable Bahamas Limited (CBL) is expected be completed in Grand Bahama by December 2013, according to the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA).

Failure by CBL to complete the untying of its broadband packages and cable TV services within the specified timeline will mean its compliance certification rendered by URCA will be made void.

A release issued by URCA Thursday noted that among the obligations Cable Bahamas was required to comply with, as per section 116 of the Communications Act 2009, was to untie its broadband packages from cable TV services.

The obligations were “designed to maintain… the objective of encouraging, promoting and enforcing sustainable competition,” the release stated, and by December 31, 2010, URCA had deemed CBL compliant on the other obligations, and recently concluded the review of the final obligation – untying.


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