Man Uses Car as Murder Weapon

Tuesday 01st, February 2011 / 07:54 Published by

A man driving a silver Pontiac intentionally chased, ran down and killed another man who was riding a bicycle on East Street.

A 51-year-old, yet to be indentified, man was riding his bike north on East Street when the driver in the Pontiac hit him and then attempted to flee the scene. The incident ocurred around 10:35pm on Friday.

Witnesses say that the driver of the vehicle was chasing the man before he ran him down.

The Pontiac crashed into another car as the driver tired to flee the scene.

Police classified the death as murder, the 11th murder of the year in The Bahamas, setting the pace for another record-breaking year of murders.

Police have arrested the driver of the Pontiac, allegedly a 44-year old man from Lucky Hart Corner.


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