Preventing Crime in The Bahamas

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It is the job of the police to fight crime, but we can all help to bring it down.

Most crimes are against property, not people and not many crimes are carefully planned. Many are committed by opportunists at the spur of the moment when they see the chance.

We leave possessions exposed in our cars and we leave the doors and windows to our homes open or insecure. We can reduce the risk by securing our cars and homes.

This will also help the Police, by giving them more time to tackle serious crimes against the person.

In spite of the police major crime prevention efforts there were over 500 thefts from cars during the year 2010. Police departments in the U.S.A. are now targeting vehicles in which items are left that are visible to thieves.

The owners of vehicles parked with doors unlocked and valuables in clear view are being sent crime prevention letters asking for their support to reduce such crimes.

The letters from the police warn the owners of vehicles to “hide it, lock it or lose it.”

The theft of cars in the USA is on the decline. It is stated that this may be due to cars being built to be increasingly theft resistant and the modern efficient alarm systems not previously available to car owners. But the technology does not stop a thief seeing valuables in a car from smashing a window, which cost more to repair than the value of the stolen item.

The Police Crime Prevention Unit may wish to consider implementing the written warning system here to persons who leave valuables in their cars and the cars insecure. Sometimes motorists need a reminder on what should be commenced. If we can get rid of the opportunity, we can make a dent on this type of crime.

We served with honor, we remember with pride.

By: Paul S. Thompson


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