Bank of The Bahamas Hosts Reception for International Bankers

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Welcome -- Bank of The Bahamas staff members welcome 19th World Conference of Banking Institutes participants to 'A Taste of Paradise' at Balmoral this week. The evening of friendship reception was hosted by the award-winning bank, wrapping up the conference hosted by the Bahamas Institute of Financial Services.

Bankers and financial services educators from every corner of the globe were recently treated to a taste of paradise during a reception wrapping up the 19th World Conference of Banking Institutes. Hosted by Bank of The Bahamas (BOB), the festive evening that captured local culture took place at the Balmoral Club and featured native dishes, dancing and dress.

“If there is one thing that this conference has shown us, it is the value of up-to-the-moment re-education and advanced certification in the banking industry,” said Beverley Farquharson, BOB Deputy Managing Director during a welcome address. “It is with gratitude that we host this event as our way of saying thank you for advancing a constantly changing industry by keeping us prepared.”

The reception on the final evening of the conference brought together prominent local bankers, industry educators and policymakers with attendees including chairpersons and members of boards and management of international banks, as well as senior officials representing regulatory authorities from various countries.

According to Mrs. Farquharson, continuing development is not a luxury, but a necessity.

“When I entered the world of banking, and perhaps it was the same for some of you, banking was considered a staid industry,” she said. “STAID as in S-T-A-I-D, stayed the same, solid, not much change. Bricks and mortar and checking and savings accounts.What it lacked in excitement or glamour it more than made up for in job security. You walked in the front door, started out as a teller and with perseverance and a bit of drive you worked your way up and through the system. But no longer. Banking today is dynamic. It’s exciting, And it is always changing. The venue has changed. It is online, it is kiosks, it is ATMs, it is smart phones, it is trust work and private banking. It is financial analysis. Checking and savings have morphed into dimensions we never dreamed would be part of a banking career.”

The World Conference of Banking Institutes is a biennial event convening officials from the financial sector and personnel from financial training Institutes world-wide. The conference addresses challenges concerning the functioning of banking and finance institutes and their role in effectively supporting the financial sector’s performance and profitability through the provision of education, training and professional development. The first World Conference of Banking Institutes was held in 1975 in Edinburgh.

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