Has Oswald Brown ‘Lost It?’

Friday 04th, March 2011 / 08:58 Published by

Oswald Brown used to be a respected journalist in The bahamas.  He has worked for the Tribune, The Nassau Guardian and the Freeport News.

Then, one day he started making personal attacks on the Prime Minister.  This unprofessional foolishness got him fired from his job as editor of the Freeport News.  While it is usually okay to have opinions, it is not okay t be bstupid abut that.

Mr Brown apparently forgot that with free speech, comes responsibility.

Now, he has resorted to making silly remarks on a blog that only mentally-challenged uber-nationalists read.

“… this is another indictment against Hubert “THE DICTATOR” Ingraham and his FNM Government,” Mr Brown wrote in a recent letter to the editor of the blog.

More and more, Mr Brown is starting to sound like the immature bloggers who he writes his letters to.

It is good to criticize government, it keeps government officials “on the ball”.

But Mr Brown is not contributing to a national dialogue, he has resorted to non-sensical rhetoric, not valid opinion.

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