New Providence Traffic Lights Finally Under Repair

Wednesday 30th, March 2011 / 20:25 Published by

Nassau, The Bahamas – The Bahamas Government has commenced work to assess,  repair and maintain traffic signals in New Providence.  Public Works and Transport Minister the Hon. Neko C. Grant announced during a press briefing Wednesday that a contract totalling $877,688.11 is presently being negotiated with Caribbean Civil Group for maintenance of 50 traffic signals.

Ray McKenzie, principal of Caribbean Civil Group said all of the traffic signals under his company’s responsibility are operating and being maintained on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

“Every signal needed some maintenance,” said Mr. McKenzie.

“All challenges were met,” he added.

“Priority for us was to get the signals operational from a safety standpoint and a traffic flow standpoint,” said Mr. McKenzie.  “We have a lot of work ahead of us in terms of getting the signals to where we feel quite comfortable then we can move on to things like operations where we deal with optimisation of the signals.”

The routine maintenance aspect of the contract includes power washing and repainting of signals to restore them to complete order.

Plans also include installation of clocks that would allow signals to operate and not go into flash mode if electricity is turned off.

The remaining 19 signals in New Providence fall under the responsibility of the New Providence Road Improvement Project. Mr. Grant assured the public that all the signals will be working in short order.  He urged the public to use the Ministry’s hotline (302-9700) ad/or Civil Caribbean Group’s hotline (380-1111) to report malfunctioning signal lights or any other concerns.

By Kathryn Campbell
Bahamas Information Services

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