Road Change At Dolphin Drive

Monday 28th, March 2011 / 09:04 Published by

Effective Monday, March 28, 2011, the Ministry of Works & Transport will implement a new road change at the intersection of the new roadway heading northbound from JFK Drive at the new 6-legged roundabout and the new side road that takes you to Dolphin Drive to access the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC), the H.O. Nash High School, the Highland Park and the Grove Subdivision.

Due to the recent events and traffic incidents occurring at the new junction, the Ministry implemented a traffic management scheme to restrict right turn movements to prevent the stacking in the junction especially across the new highway. However, motorists continue to make the illegal u-turn which has resulted in numerous traffic accidents.

Further to this, the Ministry has recently installed traffic management measures to prevent the east bound movement on the new side road.  Those wishing to travel southbound towards the new 6-legged roundabout should access the new highway via Sanford Drive at the signalised junction. Motorists are not allowed to access the new highway from the Dolphin Link.

This new scheme takes effect immediately and will continue to be monitored by the Ministry of Works. The reason for this new change is to ensure and provide for the safe movement of traffic on our roadway at all times.

The Ministry of Works takes this opportunity to apologise to the motoring public for any inconveniences caused. Should you require further information, please contact the Ministry on our hotline at 302-9700.

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