Baha Mar Partners With BNT For Eco-Tourism

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Nassau, The Bahamas – Reducing the intensity of land use and environmental conservation are driving the partnership between The Bahamas National Trust and Baha Mar.  The two aim to promote corporate social responsibility and eco-tourism throughout their revitalisation of the Cable Beach area, as well as designating the area’s wetland systems.

Baha Mar’s developers have complied with the Health and Safety Act.  They have proven their commitment to protecting the indigenous flora, fauna, and wildlife by supplying laminated pamphlets with pictures and information about protected species.  Construction workers would be able to recognise what can be disturbed from what needs to be protected.

“We take the environmental impact assessment study very seriously, and we have paid particular attention to this area because as we build a resort metropolis on Cable Beach we are very sensitive to the fact that it should be environmentally sensitive to our surroundings, number one, for the impact it would have on the communities that surround us on the island nation of New Providence,” said Robert Sands, Baha Mar senior vice president.

“Also in this day and time, persons are also concerned about these fundamental issues, as a direct result of that, we have in place a very reputable individual as senior advisor for environmental affairs, who is Gary Larson, a former president of the Bahamas National Trust.”

Baha Mar has recently hired a team of environmentalists and other conservation professionals to find globally recognised solutions to environmental issues, as well as tackle environmental concerns before they impact the community.

“Amongst some of our new employees coming on board, we have identified Ms. Laura Miller as an environmental monitor, who will be monitoring everything that we do from an environmental point of view, both from the environmental impact assessment study and also as a good corporate citizen,” said Mr. Sands.

The Bahamas National Trust will be the local monitor of the 70-acre reserve.  It is designated as a wetland biosphere on the resort’s property and would allow people and wildlife to interact with each other without any negative impact on the animals or the environment.

As indicated on the artist’s rendition of the property, Baha Mar will have a network of man made aqueducts and fountains, both as an aesthetic function to move water throughout the property and as a reminder of the primary element of life and nature.

“Baha Mar means by definition, ‘still running waters’, so a lot of what we would do is about water, but the water that you see on the inside of the property will be man made.  It will not be created by any waters, coming from the ocean or the community water table, but will be basically fountains, swimming pools, and that sort of thing,” said Mr. Sands.

“We have always said our theme is going to be water based and allow for people to experience the number one asset in The Bahamas, which are our beautiful waters and the beach.  At the same time, we are going to have some exotic Bahamian animals, the flora and fauna that will be around certain areas of this beach and pool experience.”

By Gena Gibbs

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