Bahamas Police: Thugs in Uniform

Sunday 24th, April 2011 / 10:37 Published by
That, Police Commissioner, Mr. Ellison Greenslade is a good, decent, law-abiding citizen is self-evident; and that, he has one hell of a job on his hand is clear.

But for sure, we are still trying to figure out if he is tough enough to weed out the tough men in uniform who are evidently nothing more and nothing less than, thugs in uniform.

Here we turn to some news: “…The person or persons who leaked an official police report and gruesome photos of the mutilated body of Nellie Brown-Cox could face termination from the Royal Bahamas Police Force and even criminal charges, according to Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade.

“The commissioner said he is embarrassed over the breach of the force’s policies and procedures and yesterday apologized to the victim’s family.

“Brown-Cox was murdered sometime between April 6 and 7, according to police.

“In the days after her death a complete police report detailing the murder was circulated on the Internet, along with photographs of the crime…”

Let it be known that, this is nastily repulsive; and that, we are finding it difficult to say thanks to the Commissioner for his apology.

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