Bahamas Shark Shootout Offers Intense Photo Opportunities

Tuesday 12th, April 2011 / 09:21 Published by

Scuba divers wanting to improve their underwater photography skills AND get up close and personal with Caribbean Reef Sharks will want to take special note of the Great Bahamas Shark Shootout event that was announced this week.

The popular photography event will be returning to Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas in Nassau, Bahamas after a three-year hiatus. The event is hosted by Stuart Cove and highly-acclaimed marine photographer Stephen Frink.

This year’s Shark Shootout will be November 13-18 and will include five nights lodging at one of Nassau’s most popular resorts, the Nassau Sheraton Beach. Participants will join the Stuart Cove’s team for four days of diving in some of the most productive shark photo venues in the world.  Nowhere else offers the sheer quantity of Caribbean reef sharks.  The reason Hollywood comes to Stuart Cove’s for shark action are the same reasons Shark Shootout exists:  proximity, dependability, water clarity, and infrastructure.

“This isn’t just a standard shark diving experience, Cove explains. “This event is more ‘extreme access’ for experienced divers and photographers.” During the five day event, participants will receive hands-on training in shark diving safety, capturing the best images, digital workflow and post production, and how to interact with feeders to assure the optimal shark portrait.

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