Were Atlantis Lifeguards Culpable in Child’s Death?

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The little five-year-old girl who died last week after a water park “incident” at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island did not have to die, according to an expert eye witness.

“This little girl did not have to die,” says Toni Randall in a report by The Edmonton Journal, a respected newspaper in the Canadian town where the little girl, Brooklyn Rattai, was from.

Brooklyn died Thursday, three days after she was pulled unconscious from a pool at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

Ms Randall, a critical care nurse from Michigan, along with an emergency doctor, was forced to stand-by, helplessly watching the bungling lifeguards at Atlantis incorrectly perform CPR on the drowned child.

A group of about 10 young, inexperienced and obviously panicking resort lifeguards arrived at the scene, “some performing CPR, but not checking for a pulse or turning the girl to prevent water going into her lungs,” Ms Randall told the newspaper.

Against family protests, the lifeguards physically pushed the doctors and the nurse away, telling Ms Randall that her nursing documents weren’t valid in the Bahamas. They told her to stay back or they’d call the police.

Now the police might be called on them and their employers… for negligent homicide.

Not only does it appear that Atlantis Resort employees are culpable in the child’s death, but this incident also highlights the utter incompetence and total disregard for the safety of visitors that has become synonymous with vacationing in The Bahamas.

This quote from the Edmonton Journal says it all…

“A resort nurse later arrived, but had no epinephrine shots, IV, or even a child’s CPR mask. After about half an hour, an ambulance arrived, but they didn’t intubate or start an IV. Meanwhile, an anesthetist had rushed to the scene, but wasn’t allowed to intubate the child to help create an airway. Randall said the whole rescue took too long to realistically prevent brain damage from a lack of oxygen. The girl was taken to Doctors Hospital in Nassau, where she died Thursday.”

And it isn’t the first time this sort of thing happened in “paradise”.

In August 2000, a 12-year-old boy died after he was sucked into a drain while snorkeling with his brother in the Atlantis Resort’s lagoon.

And, everybody remembers the death of John  Travolta’s son.  In that incident, the ambulance driver conspired with a Senator of the Bahamas government to BLACKMAIL the Travoltas.

Then, there was the Gallagher incident, in which a little boy died when an unmanned speed boat raced up onto the beach, killing the boy as he sat with his mother. It happened on the beaches of the Atlantis Resort.  The family tried for years to have the irresponsible boat owner prosecuted… to no avail. Crooked lawyers and politicians in The Bahamas made sure the family got nowhere in the dysfunctional and corrupt Bahamian courts.

Another strange incident occurred when Anna Nicole Smith’s son, Daniel, died suddenly while visiting his mother at Doctor’s Hospital in Nassau.  It appears that not even the hospitals in the Bahamas are safe.

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10 Comments on “Were Atlantis Lifeguards Culpable in Child’s Death?

  • I’m sorry but all of you people on this page are dumb as f. Unless you live in Heven there is no place your even going to that don’t have the same problem that your talking about. I have been to Canada wonder land in Toronto when people have been killed in rides. I been to sea world with me son and saw a trainer killed from a killer whale at Disney a gator ate a kid in front of the father you people are acting lil the Bahamas is killing people. Yes there are so things that needs to be fix but for every death at Atlantis (which is just terrible) there are millions of people that go there and enjoy and are safe and even return.it is up to you as a visitor anywhere you go to make smart decisions and keep your safety and the safety of your family in mind.JW you talking crap about stopping tourist from going to the Bahamas to force the government to change. If that’s the case then Chicago is a very dangerous city and no one should be going to the U.S. cause they might get killed. There is a mass shooting in the US every month so everyone should stay away. The Bahamas has 700 islands 95% of them have had no crim or any bad thing happened on them ay all.so stop your shit.

  • I am currently here in Atlantis, and I will not be riding the “lazy river” rapids ride the rest of the trip. While riding the rough parts where the waves are strong, a little girl (maybe 7-8) flipped over in her raft on a big wave. I toppled over and nearly drowned myself, but I was able to pull myself up. The little girl, however, was not that fortunate. She was being pinned under her raft, which was slowly deflating and choking her. A group of guys saw the parents frantically trying to pull their daughter out, and got out of their rafts to help. One shouted that her face was extremely blue. I looked back as the waves pulled me along, and they were still trying to free her. I am waiting to see ambulances appear.

  • very unfortunate incidences,that of atlantis,where the doctor was stopped from interferring with the CPR proceedures is strange,how could a ligeguard or even a paramedic stops a doctor from offering his help?i think all of these are due to imprpoer organisation from the hotels medical team management,the problem starts when
    they place non medical,non professional personnel to take care of the health issues.
    A resort nurse came up?really?where from.or who hired her?for what services?the health management there did’nt expect such an incidenecs to happen at such a places of WATER and FUN?fit and responsible management of doctor or doctors committy should be thete as a heath authority,but not others.

    • Garbrielle Cartwright

      This isn’t at all surprising. I am a former lifeguard of Kerzner International (Atlantis). Once hired I was given a 4 day training course in C.P.R, First Aid and a few recovery drills for unconscious persons in the water. After the course I was given a written test and then sent out on post. I personally feel from first hand experience that the Water Safety Specialists (which is the official job title of Atlantis’ lifeguards) aren’t trained efficiently. You are not certified by any means in C.P.R or first aid, which you are led to believe during training. I’ve watched managers at this resort drinking alcoholic beverages while on the job so much as to offer me alcohol while I’m on post. I’ve had managers not respond to emergency situations because they are otherwise preoccupied with personal affairs. The workers that are suppose to ensure safety and protect you are incompetent. I remember the incident with the five year old girl. As a Water Safety Specialist (Lifeguard) at Kerzner International (Atlantis) if you come across an injured person of any kind you are to tend to that person until someone of higher training relieves you. You are also not allowed to let bystanders touch or examine the injured, whether that bystander is a doctor or not. This will lead to termination of that worker for not following company rules. This is just a little insight on what really goes on at Atlantis. If you guys knew the whole story you would stay away.

      • We know what goes on at the Atlantis, this is why our mission is so critical. The Bahamian government refuses to act like a real government, so in return our mission is to keep every tourist away by giving them the true information they lack. All Bahamian newspapers, websites, and comments written by tourist are being used to force your government to take charge of the crime wave destroying your economy and murdering our American people. We will not rest until our mission is fulfilled, I give you my word on that.

      • Welcome to the Bahamas! We stopped visiting a long time ago. Check out Cuba and the Caymans… well worth it. In these two places the people have pride in their country.

        • In Cayman the people there it not there country and in Cuba mist of the people there trying to get out and come here so what pride are you talking about

      • So you bitter about losing your job at Atlantis so you just bad mouth the whole country. That is dumb, cut off your noise to spite your face. You can’t be Bahamian y would you tell the world on the internet not to come to the Bahamas when that is the bread and butter of the country

        • And why you so angry about the reality! It is indeed a very bad place to visit , people there take us for fools, I will never go back to the Atlantis again my experience was very bad and people there is too rude no costumers service, and they charged us a gratuity fee for service never provided, you really don’t want to get me started but I am tell people DO NOT GO TO THE SCAMMING PLACE CALL ATLANTIS PARADISE ISLAND IN THE BAHAMAS


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