A Grateful Family Says ‘Thank You’

Monday 23rd, May 2011 / 14:04 Published by
Jackson Burnside

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An open letter:

Ebony, Orchid and I would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all persons in The Bahamas and abroad who have sent their love, support and prayers to the family during Jackson’s illness and who, on the news of his passing, have given such glowing tributes in his memory in the print, electronic/visual media, by phone, or in person.

To the members of the junkanoo community, we want you to know that you did Jackson proud – his wish was to have community rushouts just the way you did it – as one big, happy family! It was a most touching experience!

These past several weeks away from The Bahamas, although difficult, were a time to reflect on Jackson’s life which he lived to the fullest. We will miss him terribly but by the same token we celebrate his life that was filled with such joy, enthusiasm, caring, and always – lots of talk!  This has sustained us throughout his illness and his death and we are strengthened by the many memories of his life of positivity.

Jackson L-O-V-E-D The Bahamas, his family, his friends, his work and his fellowman with amazing passion and each of his conversations would revolve around how fortunate we were to live in this wonderful country which he considered ‘the best little country in the whole world’!  He was absolutely convinced that by the year 2020 more visitors will come to our country for its Art, Heritage and Culture.

Jackson ‘lit a stick of fire’ that we pledge to continue to burn bright in his memory – we have worked towards this goal for over 30 years already and there is so much more to do. But Jackson never wavered in his vision of what can be achieved if we ‘be who we is and not who we ain’t’, if we follow the commonsense of our ancestors, listen to our elders, respect and care for one another, ask questions and question the obvious, educate ourselves, read and then read some more, and strengthen our communities by working together.

If we improve the country for ourselves first, then the visitors will be eager to join us in the celebration afterwards. The power lies within us – we just need to believe it and do it!

We thank you!

Pam, Ebony and Orchid Burnside

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