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FROM COVER TO COVER: BTC recently received four industry awards for its Bahamas, Abaco and Grand Bahama directories. As the top award winner in the Caribbean, BTC has worked arduously to completely revamp its telephone directory so that consumers have information about all things Bahamian at their fingertips.

BTC was once again recognized globally for its phone directories, taking home four international honours at the 2011 ADP Gold Book Awards. More than 90 years after the first directory was published, this year’s version topped the competition from 101 other companies. BTC received awards in the following categories: 2nd Place for Excellence in Print Directories (The Bahamas Directory), 3rd Place for Excellence in Print Directories (Grand Bahama Directory), 3rd Place for Excellence in Print Directories (Abaco Directory) and 3rd Place in Best Cover Design & Art (Grand Bahama Directory).

“Winning these awards demonstrates that we were not only able to achieve commercial success, but to fulfill a role recognised by our peers as among the best in the world for content, appearance and relevance,” said Marlon Johnson, BTC’s vice president of sales & marketing. “Our directories have evolved into what we now consider the premier reference guide for all things Bahamian, offering a wealth of information to the people of The Bahamas and to visitors to our shores.

It’s that extensive information base that made it attractive to the Ministry of Tourism to partner with us this year under the theme ‘Look Closer. It’s Our Bahamas.'” The book’s covers reflect that theme — Nassau’s directory featuring a member of the Royal Bahamas Police Force in formal helmet dress, an underwater scene, touch of Bahamian architecture, boating in the bay and a flamingo. Each cover is a collage of different photos, but all capture the colour and culture of the country.

Far more than a listing of names and numbers, the BTC directory plays a vital role as an at-your-fingertips reference source in the face of an increasingly electronic environment, Johnson said. “But recognising the growing importance of everything electronic, we are excited about launching a revamped online directory portal that promises to be a vibrant, interactive extension of the printed books.”

Some 150,000 copies of the directories were printed in a variety of editions including Abaco, Bahamas White Pages, Bahamas Yellow Pages, Grand Bahama and Mini Yellow Pages. In 2009, BTC made history by winning two international awards for the 2009 Bahamas Telephone Directory.

The association presenting the awards, the Association of Directory Publishers, has a membership of more than 140 directory publishers. ADP members publish over 2,200 titles annually, printing and distributing some 205 million copies each year.


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