Candy Cane Girls Sweeten Aura

Friday 06th, May 2011 / 10:00 Published by

Candy Cane Girls at Aura Nightclub. Photo by Tim Aylen

Paradise Island, The Bahamas – Ladies and gents, it’s show time. Aura Nightclub, located in the Atlantis Casino, introduces “Candy Cane Girls”, an entertaining and enticing interactive cabaret act, featuring some of The Bahamas’ best and hottest dancers.

Described as “tangy, sassy and sweet”, the Candy Cane Girls routines are choreographed by lead dancer Nonny Cartwright and consist of several beautiful local dancers. A sure crowd pleaser, the performances last approximately six minutes encompasses tastily flirtatious and at times humourous routines which incorporate elaborate costumes, props and an eclectic mix of today’s hip-hop songs, classic jazz ballads, and hypnotic beats.

“Atlantis will once again be at the forefront of entertainment in The Bahamas! The Candy Cane Girls are very talented and dynamic. Each performer has their own specific identity and their names have a candy connotation, so it’s natural that “Candy Cane Girls” is the sweetest show on Earth,” explains an excited Josette Christie, Assistant General Manager at Aura Nightclub and Producer of “Candy Cane Girls”.

“Candy Cane Girls brings spice to our nightlife scene. The benefits are two-fold – it gives added value to our guests as well as provides an additional entertainment offering,” adds Cecile Raubenheimer, Senior Director of Special Events.

“Candy Cane Girls” were launched at Aura Nightclub on April 28th beginning at 10 pm and appear every Thursday thereafter.

We invite you to come see all the “goodies” we have in store! Thursdays have never been so sweet!

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