David Hepburn Delivers Message To Michigan Grads

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Davidson Hepburn (Obe)
Honoured With Doctor Of Letters From
Alma College Michigan

Davidson L. Hepburn was invited by the President of Alma College, Alma Michigan to deliver the Commencement Address to the graduating class of 2011.  the theme of his address was A REASON FOR BEING.  His speech was divided into three parts:  FEAR, SELF-CONFIDENCE AND DREAMS.

He urged the graduates too look at FEAR in a positive light, develop self-confidence and not be afraid to dream.  He cited Presidents Roosevelt,  Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King as models of the three themes.  He quoted Ella Fitzgerald’s famous song:
Dream when you’re feeling blue
Dream and it might come true
things never are as bad as they seem
So dream, dream, dream

The ceremony was held in the newly completed gymnasium which seats more than 3,000 persons.  Some 300 graduates walked across the stage to receive their degrees.

Dr. Hepburn, who was accompanied by his wife, Dr. Ada Thompson, taught English Language and Literature and was granted the Doctor of Laws Degree in 1983, when he was also the Commencement Speaker.

Dr, Hepburn stated that even though he was away from the campus for many years, it seemed that he had never left.  He received a very warm welcome from friends in the community as well as the staff of the college.

One of the highlights of his visit to Alma was being invited to sing in the choir at the First Presbyterian Church where he was a member during his years at Alma.  Further he was happy to be there on Easter Sunday  to sing the HALLELUJAH CHORUS.

The President of the College, Doctor Jeff Abernathy who took up the post only 9 months ago expressed a strong interest in developing partnership with the College of The Bahamas.  He plans to discuss the matter with his colleagues and in due course make enquiries about student exchange in the first instance.

Dr. Hepburn supports the idea as he feels that such an agreement would give both Colleges an international flavour.

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