Exuma Man Remembers Dawn Of Independence

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Exuma, The Bahamas – Nigel Rolle remembers hoisting the Bahamian flag at the dawn of independence in 1973, after taking down the Union Jack and shares his memories of working for collective national change.  Mr. Rolle, present for the launch of the National Energy Policy in Exuma, said it’s good to see Bahamians supporting the government.

“I am a former police officer.  In 1973, I was instrumental in taking the Prime Minister (Sir Lynden Pindling) to lower the flag, to lower the Union Jack and to hoist the Bahamian flag.  He was an excellent man and a giant of a man.  That was exciting and I had to hold back the tears then,” said Nigel Rolle, who lives on Rolle Corner in Exuma.

“Seeing the exchange that we were going through and that I was a part of it, I was very, very touched about the situation.”

On May 6, Mr. Rolle was present to collect his Compact Florescent Lightbulbs (CFLs) after Minister of State for the Environment, Phenton Neymour launched the National Energy Policy Programme in George Town, Exuma.  He was present with at least 100 other BEC customers that lined up to exchange their incandescent bulbs for the IDB sponsored and government-issued CFL bulbs.

“At the time the movement was necessary and, you know, it called for a lot of change.  We have made some changes but there is still more that we can do.  That was necessary and I think we are better off.  At that time we needed a change in government and for the people,” said Mr. Rolle.

“Not so much for the UBP, but I feel the country had reached the stage where we needed to really make some changes.  We have made some changes that have made us better, but there is still more we need to do to unify the country.”

Mr. Rolle frankly stated that he believes the majority of Bahamians want to put aside political differences and concentrate on changing the country for the better.

“We need to work together for one common goal as Bahamians, for Bahamians and set aside political parties and take the country as a whole into consideration when we make decisions.  Exuma in itself has a lot of work to do,” said Mr. Rolle.

“I think right now our present prime minister [Hubert Ingraham] is an excellent guy, I’ll say.  He’s doing a good job and right now I don’t think you could beat him.  He’s the man for the job.”

By Gena Gibbs


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