First Bahamian Karate Film To Premier in Grand Bahama

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Whenever we think of karate movies, for those of us who are fans of this genre of movies, our minds go back to the days when we would scrape up enough money to go and catch one of those old time kung-fu movies where the movement of the lips was never synchronized with the words coming from the actor’s mouth.

We remember the drunken master, the snake, crane, monkey and the mantis styles that were made popular by old chinese actors.

Or we would have flashbacks of Bruce Lee or Jet Li, who made street fighting and certain styles of karate popular.

For a minute, put aside all of those fond memories and this time when I mention the words karate movie, think of Bahamians in a karate movie displaying some of those unique styles of karate that has become popular, not just in China, but around the world.

It may be a hard sell, but that vision will become a reality on Thursday, when RND will premier the first karate movie ever made in The Bahamas, starring Bahamians.

That’s right, Thursday will be the premier of “Knockin duh conch style”, The Bahamas’ first ever Martial Arts film.

The movie was produced, written and directed by Devron Pinder, who also has a small part in the movie.

“Knockin duh conch style” is a movie about a young man who goes off to school to study martial arts and returns home to open a martial arts school in Nassau.

However, because this young man has returned home so skilled, other martial arts schools in Nassau do not want him to open his school and teach students.

To prevent this, they set up an underground triad to stop him. In the midst of all of this, the young man also has to deal with personal issues with his wife and his best friend and even deal with issues with himself.

The feature film is 70 minutes long and tells a story that most people can relate too. While he said it was tough to get the money needed to produce the film, Pinder said that he’s thankful to any support that he has gotten in producing the film, which took him a few years to produce.

In helping Devron promote this new project, Sensei Dwayne King, of Jaguar jui-jitsu School of Survival, is calling on all Grand Bahamians to lend their support to this project.

Pinder is hoping to have a sequel to this movie, and he’s hoping to shoot most of that second movie in Grand Bahama.

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