New SkyBahamas Abaco-Ft. Lauderdale Route

Wednesday 25th, May 2011 / 08:07 Published by

President of SkyBahamas Randy Butler said the airline is focused on steady growth, like today’s launch of direct service from Abaco to Fort Lauderdale, Florida — even as questions circulate related to an associate of the carrier.

“I am still busy trying to help our country and trying to develop our country and business,” he told Guardian?Business yesterday.  “I’m even sorry I have to give comment and acknowledge that this is out there.  It’s just one of those things has some truths and lots of lies.

“But we have an airline we are going to develop [and] places to go and people to help [and] we’re doing great things.  Here we grow again.”

His statement refers to an e-mail circulating about one of the company’s associates which questions the foreign national’s eligibility as a good investor for The Bahamas.  Butler maintains that the local carrier will continue to keep its eyes on its goals and growing its present 107-employee base, despite statements out in the public on the matter.

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