Where is Krishanna Higgs?

Thursday 19th, May 2011 / 10:02 Published by

Krysta Fox and some of her family members traveled to McLean’s Town, East End over the weekend determined in their search to find her missing daughter Krishanna Higgs.

“I will not stop until I find my daughter,” she told The Freeport News in an interview following the distribution of flyers and pleas with persons traveling by ferry to Abaco to assist with any information.

“We spoke to people as they were heading over to Abaco, we placed flyers in restaurants, on poles … just everywhere,” said the concerned mother.

She noted that the group walked through the entire community on Saturday.

Fox and members of the family have taken to the streets of Grand Bahama with the hope of learning new information in the case of her daughter, who was reported missing, officially, back in March.

However, Fox has not seen her daughter – the mother of two little girls herself – since January 12, when she traveled to Grand Bahama to meet up with the father of her two-year-old daughter Charles Tony Fritzgerald.

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